What software engineer does?

Software engineer is a person (for now) who designs, develops, maintains, tests and evaluates computer software. Software is called any data or computer instructions saying computer what to do and in which order.

Important note: Normally whole workflow (designing, developing, maintaning, testing and evaluating) is split between engineering teams. Every team is focused on one particular job or issue. Thus often positions like programmer, computer programmer, software developer, frontend developer (engineer), backend developer (engineer), full-stack developer (engineer) and other refer to the same thing. Majority of it describes specific job in corporate world what person does but mostly it’s all software engineer.

Designing software

The design blueprint is a base of any computer system. Like a bridge or a building, if system is well-designed it means it will last. While creating a system usually software engineers use design patterns [1].

Related positions: software engineer, software architect, software designer, application designer, solution designer, system designer etc…

Developing software

Software development is probably the most exciting thing that software engineer does. As you probably know software is written using programming languages. By now there were created more than 250 programming languages.

The most popular computer languages according to Stackify (full list on the website) [2]:

  • Java
  • Javascript
  • C#
  • Python
  • C++

Interesting note: Usually IT corporations hire enormous teams of software engineers that work together and take care of all computer systems’ layers. An example is database team, backend team, frontend team, testing team, security team etc…

Related positions: software engineer, database developer backend developer, frontend developer, full-stack developer, computer programmer, software developer, mobile developer etc…

Testing software

Once software is developed, it should be tested else you risk to release something that does not really work properly. Therefore testing is an important tool in hands of any software engineer.

Test is a small program that checks particular functionality. Normally it’s written simultaneously with code for system or done afterwards.

Related positions: software engineer, tester, software tester.

Maintaining software

When software is released it should be maintained, otherwise something might go wrong. Numerous bugs and errors may become a big problem if they are not fixed in time. Besides, some things can be improved only after software release. Therefore another software engineer’s responsibility is software maintenance.

Related positions: software engineer, same like for software development, sometimes maintenance software engineer.

Evaluating software

Software is always an investment especially for the enterprise. Rapidly changing and progressing technology makes evaluating extremely important. Sometimes new software release brings with it more benefits than existing system therefore, it can trigger a replacement. Software engineer evaluates system and makes decision about its future.

Related positions: software engineer, same like for software development.


Should you become a software engineer? Maybe. Computer science is a fascinating field and the world needs software engineers. Despite this, if you didn’t know, there is shortage of software engineers and anybody can become one.

Virtual reality, cryptocurrencies and artificial intelligence it’s all what’s on mind of software engineers recently. If you are interested in any of this, you should definitely try yourself.

Paul Cable
I am a software engineer, amateur astrophysicist and futurist. I like tech and science. My free time I spend taking photos and making videos.

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